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Aloha,  I’m Erica Duran.

An International Freedom-Based Business and Lifestyle Mentor.

And you are in the right place!

I can help you make money doing work you love from anywhere.

You see, I’ve been through A LOT! And I’ve probably been exactly where you are…

  • Are you done with working all the time, (like 10+ hours a day) and still just barely getting by?  (But let’s keep it real – you probably really desire a consistent $5K-$20K+ per month, right?)
  • Have you followed online “gurus” and their formulas and blueprints exactly, but never got the same results?
  • Are you wondering how other coaches and service-based entrepreneurs can charge thousands for their services and you are still working “dollars for hours” and you are ready for your own high-level IDEAL clients?
  • Exhausted from piecing together all that free information online and ready to create a business, brand, and lifestyle that is unique to you?

I’ve been there too!

I had a professional organizing business for over 15 years.

And even though I was an expert in my field and received tons of media, I wasn’t an expert in how to create a WILDLY profitable business and in no way had the mindset or confidence to charge premium rates back then.


Because we entrepreneurs bought into that untrue story that you have to work hard to make money.

We let fear be the driver and we second guess ourselves all the time!

Am I bothering people by sending too many emails?  Should I spend more time on Twitter, Facebook, or in networking lunch groups? Am I expert enough to say it and charge for it?  What if this is the last client I’ll ever get?  What if I invest in another program and that doesn’t work either?  Am I marketing enough and the right way?

And worst of all… Should I go back to my cushy job with health benefits and vacation days?

Does any of this sound like you?

I’ve hit rock bottom (several times) as an entrepreneur.

Earning less than $1,000 per month and racking up credit card debt, but feeling like I could never stop working – that working more would make the difference and it NEVER did!

But honestly, I think the worst element of all this was I was feeling like such a loser because I just knew deep down I was supposed to have an exciting bigger life!

I knew I was meant for more.  (Secretly, I thought I was smarter and worked harder than all the “gurus” I saw online and it made me sick with jealousy!)

But your life and business can change with ONE decision.

I can remember when I had that single moment of clarity and made a life-changing decision.

I decided that I was going to stop struggling and stop settling for just getting by.

I was done with my old money story, I was done with the client rollercoaster, and I was going to have a successful online business where I could work from anywhere no matter what!

And I never regretted anything from that moment.

I stopped selling $50 one-off sessions and sold my first $12,500 package in less than 30 days!

And then went on to reach 6-figures in just 6 months!

I now enjoy a multiple 6-figure coaching business where I help Professional Organizers, Coaches, and other Service-based Entrepreneurs stop settling and second-guessing themselves and get the lifestyle of their dreams!

And best of all… I work about 6 days per month from luxury resorts that sponsor my content!


How did this happen?

  • I became unavailable for any “shoulds” in life and went after what I really desired, unapologetically to others’ opinions.
  • I got clear on HOW I wanted to work and WHO I wanted to work with.
  • simplified and became an expert in the essential systems and structures so I could grow my business but not always be THE ONE working all the time.  (Little Secret: Someone or something needs to be working on your business all the time, but it doesn’t have to be YOU!)
  • I learned how to clearly communicate the value of what I had to offer and how to attract ideal DREAM clients without feeling pushy or like a used car salesman.
  • invested in a masterful coach with money that I thought was “off limits” or “for emergency only” (thanks, AMEX) and continue to invest in coaches and mentors who are living the lifestyle and have the business I want for myself.

What is the best part?

I get to choose what goes on my calendar, work from anywhere with my little dogs, collaborate with luxury resorts around the world and I am free of second-guessing and comparing myself.

And you can too!

I use my unique experience to create customized coaching packages and programs that are not a cookie-cutter blueprint or boot camp.

Together we will build a brand platform and customized business systems for how YOU want to LIVE out your lifestyle.

Enjoy freedom from your finances, stress, overwork and overwhelm!

Ready To Stop Settling?

Take the first simple step and book your complimentary Aloha Strategy Session today.  

Aloha literally means both Hello and Goodbye. 

It’s a relaxed, friendly chat to explore possibilities in your life and your business that I can help open up for you.

At the end of the session, YOU will know if it feels right for YOU to work with me.

Never Settle!


Erica Duran's Signature

Erica Duran

International Freedom-Based Business and Lifestyle Mentor

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