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Partner With Me Once and Your Resort or Company Will Get Promoted On The Air and Web FOREVER!


The Criteria

If your luxury resort or business matches up with the criteria below, let’s talk about a potential sponsorship partnership!

  • You are a luxury resort or specialize in business tools or a subject matter that helps entrepreneurs design a freedom based lifestyle, increase their online sales, travel working from anywhere, save on business expenses and become more productive.
  • You want to acquire long-term customers who become your biggest fans and at the same time increase your sales.
  • You are looking to gain more trust and credibility for your product and/or service to new fans who need what you offer.

Sound good so far? Great, let’s talk!

The Benefits

By being an esteemed podcast or TV sponsor and partner of The Erica Duran Show – Freedom Based Lifestyle Design Radio and/or TV you’ll receive a customized and comprehensive sponsorship package that is about more than just splashing your logo or mentioning your company a few times.

It’s important for us to build trust and credibility for you by introducing what you do and what you provide to your customer/client to a fully-engaged audience of lifestyle entrepreneurs that never settle!

Sample Sponsorship Packages

Sample Hotel & Resort Sponsorship Packages (click the image above to download)

Sample Non-Resort Sponsorship Packages (click the image above to download)

Here Are The Top 10 Benefits of Becoming a Sponsor of the Erica Duran Show – Freedom Based Lifestyle Design Radio:

1.  30-60 second sponsor advert shout-outs at the beginning, end and/or midroll of the podcast and/or YouTube video.  You can provide the script, but Erica will make sure it sounds natural for her audience.

2.  Podcast and/or videos released on iTunes, YouTube, Google Play, Stitcher Radio, EricaDuran.co, and more.

3.  Lifetime promotion as new podcast listeners and YouTube viewers download previous episodes, not just current ones so your sponsor shout out and offers stay current forever!

4.  Frequent mentions throughout the show if/when appropriate prior to the launch letting the listeners & viewers know that your company is sponsoring/hosting the show.  Including this very page that lists all our current and past sponsors!

5.  Specific call to action to direct the viewers/listeners to a promotion of yours or to highlight a specific feature or benefit of your product and/or service to your custom landing page that you’ve designed or to a Pretty Link URL such as EricaDuran.co/yourbrandname to track conversions.

***Optional: Special call to action such as a discount, free trial or special offer.***

6.  A short write-up on each podcast blog post that includes your logo/banner (usually 300x200) ad with a trackable link.

7.  Being featured in Erica’s weekly eZine (electronic magazine) called “Loli:  To Change, Transform” the week your show goes live on my website as well as to all the Podcast/Internet Radio Channels and YouTube subscribers. 

8.  Frequent social media mentions and promotions throughout the week of your live podcast/video sponsorship on all Erica Duran International social media platforms.

9.  Be completely open to your suggestions on show topics (For example, we would be willing to feature a member of your company as a guest on the podcast for the entire episode if there was a good fit)!

10.  If video is used, your location could be the background of the show.


The Audience…

The audience and online community of close 1000,000+. 

Erica’s subscribers are mostly USA based and is made up of people who want to learn how to travel and work from anywhere in the world as Erica does using technology, productivity tactics, the internet, and masterminding with other like-minded entrepreneurs.

Listeners/viewers love tools, resources, tips and tricks to forming their own freedom based lifestyle.  They also adore anything that will make or save them money or time.

The audience consists mostly of college graduates that earn over $100,000 per year.

Erica teaches productivity, time management, marketing, starting or growing an online business, travel tips, SEO (search engine optimization), lifestyle design, internet marketing, sales, etc.  Basically, how to have a streamlined “4-hour Work Week” type business so you can travel and have more free time while still earning a really high income.

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How Your Company or Resort Will Be Promoted…

There are many ways your company, product or resort can be featured on The Erica Duran Show – Freedom Based Lifestyle Design Radio and TV!




Banner Ads

YouTube Videos

Live Streaming Social Media Videos and Stories

Vlog Videos

Content Rich Videos

Frequent Social Media Mentions, Tags, Retweets, Shares, etc.

And More!

Email our concierge team at Aloha@EricaDuran.co to start the conversation. Mahalo!

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