[Ep 6] Best-Kept Secret In Online Marketing - with Calvin Correli


You are about to hear about the best-kept secret in internet marketing today!

You aren't still on MySpace, are you?

Then WHY are you still on Wordpress/Wix/GoDaddy Website/Etc. in 2019???

Today you are going to meet Calvin Correli, creator and CEO of Simplero.

We chatted about...

  • Creating Simplero
  • A big lesson we can all learn from in creating and building a company from scratch
  • Finding your purpose
  • Being real online
  • Getting out of your own way and stop focusing your energy on "future...

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[Ep 5] What To Say Instead Of "I Can't Afford It"



Today on the podcast, I share what you can say instead of "I can't afford it".

Saying "I can't afford it" keeps you stuck and stomps on your creativity.

Switch up your language around this and opportunities and money will flow to YOU!

Mentioned In This Episode...


VIP Day Intensive Experience

FREE Video Training called "Evolve - Book Up With Clients Without Hustling Hard, Setting Up Complicated Funnels, Or Lurking Around On Social Media All Day!"  You can...

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[Ep 4] Exactly How To Find Clients



In this episode, we are going to be discussing the most frequently asked questions (and biggest misnomer) in a service-based business "How Can I FIND Clients?"

This is the number ONE question I'm asked...

"Erica, how do I find clients?"

"How do I find high-paying clients?"

"Where should I look for clients?"

Or, something to this nature.

Well, I've been in a service-based business for over 15 years and I've never "found" a client! Gasp!

Yes!  Never "found"...

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[Ep 3] Sales Funnel Basics



Today I'm sharing the basics of sales funnels so you can automate part of your sales process and have a consistent amount of leads coming in for years to come!

I find that once you get the lingo down in any topic you are learning, the rest of the learning process is a whole lot easier.

I covered common terms used in internet marketing and sales funnels.

I attempted to simplify and streamline what a sales funnel is and why you don't need fancy software to create a sales...

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[Ep 2] Style Statements & A 1st Year Entrepreneur Perspective with Erin Keam



In this episode, meet my AMAZING STAR Client, Erin Keam, of

We chatted all about her unique business and how your clothes really do matter in your success in business and happiness in life.

What you wear can boost your confidence and credibility so you can attract anything you desire into your life – a job, clients, a soulmate, etc.


Some other topics we discussed were...

How having a clear idea of your style saves you from purchases you regret and...

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[Ep 1] Back From Hiatus!



Aloha!  E Komo Mai!

Welcome back to the Erica Duran Show after a year hiatus! 

In this first episode, we are going to cover a lot!

1.  If you are new to me or just need a refresher.

I'll share my bio briefly and why I don't do internet marketing like everyone else.

No rules!


2.  I don't know what this show will evolve into and what the topics will be moving forward, but to start...

Audio Vlog

How To's







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