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The "Paid For Your Presence™" Podcast and Video Show Returns!  

Plus! An All-New Private Podcast "Unscripted"

The Paid For Your Presence Podcast & Videos

Are You An Entrepreneur or Influencer?

Ready To Impact Millions, Earn Millions, and Never Settle?

All new episodes on YouTube and anywhere you listen to podcasts.

Join Erica Duran, a Fortune 50 executive turned Freedom-Based Online Business Coach and Lifestyle Mentor.

Topics include...

Attracting High-Paying Clients Corporate Partners, and Sponsors
Productivity, Time Management, and Organizing
Maximizing Sales
Travel and Hosting Destination Events
The Paid For Your Presence™ Method
and more!
Paid For Your Presence Podcast Cover  with Logo | Erica Duran | Business Coach and Lifestyle Mentor | 3,000 x 3,000

The "Unscripted" PRIVATE Podcast

Walk With Me.

I'm sharing behind-the-scenes glimpses of my business strategy, raw opinions, real-time decisions-making, and my thoughts as a stream of consciousness like never before.

Let's navigate life and business together, side-by-side... and NEVER SETTLE!

Unscripted Private Podcast Cover | Business Coach and Lifestyle Mentor Erica Duran

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