[Ep 2] Style Statements & A 1st Year Entrepreneur Perspective with Erin Keam

Ep 2 | Style Statements & A 1st Year Entrepreneur Perspective with Erin Keam | Erica Duran | 560wC.jpg


In this episode, meet my AMAZING STAR Client, Erin Keam, of TheHappyWardrobe.com

We chatted all about her unique business and how your clothes really do matter in your success in business and happiness in life.

What you wear can boost your confidence and credibility so you can attract anything you desire into your life – a job, clients, a soulmate, etc.


Some other topics we discussed were...

👗How having a clear idea of your style saves you from purchases you regret and which you don’t love.

👗What a capsule wardrobe is and why it doesn’t suit everybody. How you can be a maximalist minimalist?

👗Shopping for your ideal life, which can be a great idea as long as you are TAKING ACTION to get there as well.

👗How a clothing spending plan makes you feel great while a budget feels restrictive and can cause impulse spending or buying short-term clothing.

👗How to plan what you wear by outfit/uniform instead of mixing and matching.

👗Don’t save your best things – wear them now!


Then we switched gears in the conversation and Erin shared some reflections of her first year as a work-from-anywhere-type-entrepreneur.

💫What has been a struggle for her and how did she get out of it?

💫What has come surprisingly easy to Erin as a new entrepreneur?

💫What does she wish she started doing years ago?

💫What did she have to let go of or add to really start being visible and start converting clients?

She has been selling so much lately!!!

Is it mindset or something more literal?


To connect with Erin visit:

Email: erin@thehappywardrobe.com

Main Website: https://thehappywardrobe.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/discoveryourinnercloset/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/erinkeam/

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Never Settle!


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