[Ep 4] Exactly How To Find Clients

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In this episode, we are going to be discussing the most frequently asked questions (and biggest misnomer) in a service-based business "How Can I FIND Clients?"

This is the number ONE question I'm asked...

"Erica, how do I find clients?"

"How do I find high-paying clients?"

"Where should I look for clients?"

Or, something to this nature.

Well, I've been in a service-based business for over 15 years and I've never "found" a client! Gasp!

Yes!  Never "found" one.

But I did become visible in places where ideal clients were already looking for a solution to their problem.
I shared my message daily.

I got to the top of Google for carefully chosen keywords.

And attracted clients.

Still, haven't "found" one.

In this podcast, I share some tips on how to attract all the ideal dream clients you could ever want.

In Episode 4 You'll Learn...

💰How to get in front of people who are ready to buy.
💰Why you are wasting your time creating an ideal client avatar and what you should be doing instead.
💰What I see as the biggest mistakes when I stalk my clients on social media to see why their sales are not converting (the answers might surprise you).
💰What length of content is ideal to convert sales.
💰What most entrepreneurs are not doing and it is costing them sales DAILY.
💰How to become part of your prospect's daily routine.
💰And more!

In this episode, I mentioned these helpful resources...

Googlebait SEO

Alignment With Aloha

Selling With Aloha

Hustling With Aloha

Launching With Aloha

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Erica Duran
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