[Ep 7] 24 Common Productivity and Time Management Tips That Don’t Always Work

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This week on the podcast I'm taking the 24 most common productivity tips and evaluating if they actually work.

These are tips you hear about over and over again on blogs, podcasts, YouTube, and even suggested in books.

All these tips work for some people in certain stages of your life and business.

But oftentimes they do not work.

There is no one perfect productivity or time management hack that will always work for you.

Different productivity strategies will work for you depending on where you are at in your business, mindset, lifestyle, etc.

Don't feel bad if one strategy is working for all your peers and it just isn't working for you.

There are no rules.

You are a unique being.

Ditch the pro tips and do what is in alignment for you.

Here are the 24 most common productivity and time management tips that we are going to evaluate today on the show...

1.  Don’t procrastinate.

2.  Write a to-do list.

3.  Don’t use the Pomodoro Technique.

4.  Do the hardest thing first.

5.  Have a morning routine filled with all sorts of self-development, self-care, and healthy habits.

6.  Don’t multitask.

7.  Track your goals.

8.  Visualize the end goal.

9.  Wait for inspiration.

10.  Sleep 7-8 hours.

11.  Say “no”.

12.  Don’t work on weekends or vacations.

13.  Do something during waiting time/commuting.

14.  Batch tasks.

15.  Time block.

16.  Delegate/Outsource.

17.  Create a daily plan.

18.  Block out distractions/notifications.

19.  Add buffer time to your schedule.

20.  Organize paper files, email, and electronic files.

21.  Check email once or twice a day.

22.  Rate or prioritize your tasks, the A-B-C method. 

23.  Set a deadline for yourself.

24.  Weigh decisions carefully.

Have you tried any of these time management tips?

Does it feel freeing to know that if they didn't work for you - you are not alone?

Feel free to share in the comments below the time management tips and productivity strategies that are working for you these days.

Never Settle!




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