[Ep 8] 20 Easy Ways To Become More Minimalist In Your Life Today

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Aloha!  E Komo Mai!

Becoming a minimalist isn't just about getting rid of a bunch of your belongings.

Minimalism is really more of a mindset and overall lifestyle.

Minimalism seeps into your daily schedule, goals, budget, diet, fitness, emails, belongings, etc.

It is about having a simple and streamlined way of life so you can focus on creating the life you really want to live full of experiences, not things.

In this episode, I share 20 easy ways that you can start to implement in your life to become more of a minimalist.

I've been a hard-core minimalist for years.

My minimalist journey didn't happen overnight.

It took time to shed useless belongings and quiet excess mindset chatter.

When looking at every area of your life, do you feel overwhelmed with the number of things you own?

Do you feel stressed with the way your calendar is packed with appointments that don't move your business forward or add value to your life?

Do you feel like you are just going through the routine motions in your life and not really taking action on building experiences you'll cherish?

I know becoming more minimalist can seem impossible and overwhelming at first.

But your minimalist journey can start with a small step in the minimalist direction.

Today I'm sharing 20 ways you can start today with some small shifts towards minimalism.

I can't wait to hear what you tried.

Be sure to leave a comment below.

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