Aloha! E Komo Mai! (Hello & Welcome)

Aloha!  E Komo Mai!  (Hello and Welcome To My Blog! | Erica Duran.png


It's Erica, and I'm so glad you decided to check out my powerful community of modern online freedom-based luxury lifestyle entrepreneurs!

The internet is a crowded place so I am so THRILLED that you found the value stopping by!

I'm committed to showing up and sharing my message daily to teach and inspire.

Some topics I'll touch on...

  • Simple proven strategies to start and/or grow your business now
  • Low-cost to no-cost secrets to attracting more clients and customers
  • How to live an extraordinary life now... on any budget
  • How to boost your online visibility and influencer status
  • How to be more productive in all areas of your life
  • Tips on being a digital nomad (working and living from anywhere and moving to new gorgeous and inspiring places often)
  • How to live a #minimalistluxury lifestyle (having few things, but those things are absolutely perfect for you and light you up!)
  • How to overcome fear, procrastination, bright-shiny-object syndrome, impostor syndrome, etc.
  • An exclusive behind-the-scenes look at how I'm personally growing my intuitive, strategic, and aligned empire.   
  • And more!

Our New Relationship Goes Two Ways.

You can just sit and read post after post and that will be fine, but I'd love it if you'd take a few moments to write me back and tell me who you are, where you're from and what you're up to.

How's life?

How's the family?

Do you have any pets?

Just comment below or email me personally at and tell me a little about yourself and your business (or business idea that you are dying to start).

I'm genuinely interested, and you'd be doing me such a favor by letting me know who I'm talking to and connecting.

By the way, that is Java and Vienna in the image below - my mini long-haired dachshunds.

Mahalo for taking this step towards freedom and luxury for yourself!

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Erica Duran, Java, and Vienna

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Hi Erica

Miss you! Hope you are well! Loved you minimalist podcast.

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