Tools I Swear By To Run A Multiple 6-figure Business On Less Than $150 Per Month

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Today I wanted to share my favorite tools that I'm currently using to produce $20K weeks in my business while still having loads of free time each day.

I hope you love automation as I do!

But you want to know another little secret...

I ran my business for over 4 years almost entirely on FREE tools and still was able to earn at a nice level and have plenty of time off.

It was almost a game for me to try to set up the best systems for free where everything worked together after some tweaking.

But I had so many subscriptions and tools!

Even if something is free - you have to manage it.

So now I have my business down to JUST TWO AMAZING TOOLS that work seamlessly together.

Honestly, it was a little more work to set up the free tools and get them to all work together.

But I didn't let that get in my way of growing my business and moving forward.

Don't let the "I can't afford ___ magical tool." stop you!

When I work with clients we work within their budget to set up all kinds of time-saving automation and systems... even if we need to go the free route until they sign their first few clients.

And that is OK.

You see these tools are important and great to have, but it isn't about the tools!

Tools change and those that market the tools are really "slick" (think Leadpages and Infusionsoft) and they will promise a lot and they are not necessary when you are starting out.

It isn't all about the tools like these great marketers will have you believe.

It is more about your mindset and how you set things up in your business - things like your offerings/packages, positioning in the marketplace, pricing, messaging, sales conversation mastery, etc.

These pieces are what makes the difference in you making money or not in your online business.

Well, I didn't want you to get stuck in months of research like I did, so I wanted to share my picks for the current tools I'm using to create $20K weeks and get tons of free time back!

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Never Settle!


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