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I haven't written an "old school" productivity post in a while.

This week it felt like it was the right time to share the concept of the Productivity Power Hour.

It is taking the concept of batching your tasks to a whole new level.

In case you don't know, "batching" is a productivity concept of doing tasks that are similar in one big batch or letting similar tasks build up so you can do them all at once.

"Theming" your days is also a popular productivity concept that I recommend.

Theming your days is grouping certain tasks to certain days.

For example, maybe you write your content on Mondays and host your free consultation calls on Thursdays.

But some tasks don't batch or theme well.

I don't know about you but there are these tiny little tasks that seem to build up on me.

Little one-off tasks that are not really important or revenue-generating, but they still need to be done.

I know what you are probably thinking... "Erica! Aren't you always telling us to delegate those little tasks?"

Well, yes and no.

First, I would ask "Could this task be deleted?"

If the answer is "no"... Then, I would ask "Could this task be delegated?"

Well, "yes" it could technically be delegated.

But remember these are little one-off tasks that TRULY would take a lot longer and more energy to delegate them than to just do them myself.

I'm not just saying that as the stereotypical control freak entrepreneur.

These tasks literally would take longer to train on and delegate than for me to do them, they are too personal to delegate, or they are one-time only things so the training time really is a factor.

So, I have to do them myself.

I want to do them - I've decided that the outcome of doing them is something I really desire.

But I'm not going to put these little tasks as a priority over the important things in my business or use them as a procrastination tool or distraction.

For me the only important things in my business are (in this order):

1. Supporting one-to-one clients

2. Supporting Oasis Membership Site members

3. Connecting & building relationships

4. Creating free content if #1-3 above is at a level that I'm happy with

So what are some examples of these little one-off tasks?

How can you recognize them?

These pesky little tasks usually only take 10 minutes or less if you really time yourself.

They are probably things that have been on your to-do list or "someday maybe" list for a long time.

Examples of these one-off small tasks for me would be:

  • Adding an interview to my media page & optimizing it
  • Deciding if I want to participate in an interview
  • Updating my personal calendar
  • Updating my bio on Facebook
  • Disputing a charge on my credit card
  • Some Emails
  • Adding a required What's App field to my coaching scheduling form
  • Prepping for an interview
  • Adding a new program to my online shopping cart
  • Loading my Apple Watch with new audios
  • Changing a question on my Free Aloha Session application

What should you do with these one-off tasks?

I let them build up and then schedule an hour, usually late afternoon on a Thursday, to complete all of them.

This way they are not competing for focus with my "real work" and they still get done.

Want to create a routine of having a weekly Productivity Power Hour for yourself?

Here's what you need to do right now to create your own Productivity Power Hour (don't procrastinate) :)

1. Make/Keep A List

Make and then keep a list of all these little one-off tasks in one place.

It can be a separate project in a program like Asana or it can be a designated page in your paper planner.

2. Schedule It

Decide when a good time would be for you to have this Productivity Power Hour date with yourself each and every week.

I chose Thursday night because I don't normally work on Friday and it was a great way to wind down and have a sense of completion for the week.

And this way I don't arrive back at work on Tuesday with a bunch of little tasks on my agenda.

3. Show Up

Show up for the Productivity Power Hour that you've scheduled for yourself and actually do the tasks.

Focus on one thing at a time until completion and then move on to the next task.

Don't skip around.

Just get them done.

4. Bonus Tip!

After a few weeks of doing a Productivity Power Hour, you'll find that there is less and less on this list.

I think it is for a few reasons.

One, you are checking in with yourself on a regular basis - you have made a routine out of getting little one-off tasks done.

And two, you start being even more ruthless with what you put on your list and what you flat out delete.

If you are finding that there isn't much on your list - that's great!

Continue to schedule the hour each week, but if there is nothing to show up for, you get to take off work early.

You can probably now see why I do it at the end of the workday on Thursday.

Because if there is nothing to do I start the weekend an hour early. :)

I hope this supports you in getting those tiny tasks done and still using a form of batching to do them.

I also hope that it helps you to not feel guilty that you are not delegating enough.

I think that is an annoying thing sometimes with entrepreneurs.

Some things really don't make sense to delegate and that is OK.

A freedom business means that you can do it any way you like.


Never Settle!


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