What Happened On My 20-Day Social Media Detox

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I'm back after a 20-Day break from social media and really electronic devices as a whole.

About 20 days ago I completed a BIG project and was also tying up some loose ends on my 2-year long estate case when I just stopped checking and posting to social media one day.

It wasn't planned I just stopped.

Now I know what you might be saying...

"Erica!  Didn't you just teach a HUGE Master Class last month about how everyone should share their message daily?"

🌈Well, yes.  I did.  I wasn't online for 20 days but I DID share my message DAILY!

1.  I boosted a post on Instagram that was converting well already.

2.  I had someone else pitch podcasts for me to be a guest on.

3.  I spoke DIRECTLY to people on the phone who were interested in my new RISE Private Mentorship.

4.  I had someone go through all my 9,000 Instagram followers and remove the inactive ones.

Sharing your message daily doesn't me it has to be you.

You can automate your messaging through scheduling or boosting.

You can delegate to others on your team.

You can delete to-list tasks and the busy work that is not working for you even though they seem to be working for other people.

You can reach people in other ways besides digital methods.

So what happened after 20 days off social media and electronics for the most part?

1.  The number of new followers per day didn't change (usually about 11-30 per day).  New followers don't look at the dates of your last post!  They mostly scroll around your feed to get the gist and decide if they would like to follow you.

2.  In the past year and a half, I already was weaning myself off checking social media and email in the morning but these past 20 days put a serious cold turkey stop to that.

3.  I had more time and strategically reached out to Hawaiian resorts to sponsor the new version of my podcast (🎤coming soon).  TWO said YES! 🏝 I booked my first flight yesterday!

4.  New clients reached out for FREE Aloha Strategy Sessions by finding me through platforms that I set up last year.

5.  New clients reached out from my almost 4-year old archived podcast episodes.

6.  A new client reached out from a video summit I did weeks ago and noticed that I was doing my social media and marketing differently from others.  LOL!  So not doing as much social media actually made me stand out! It doesn't get better than this!

7.  But I think the biggest thing this 20-day digital detox showed me was just a confirmation that I no longer have to rush.  I used to get done with a project or launch and force the new idea, project, program, course, etc.  What would be of most service to my clients next?  What would make the most money?  What idea would be the quickest to implement and get out there?  This digital detox showed me once again that there is really no rush and there is no need to force a new idea/offering out just because your launch is over.

Enjoy the time and space and... #Never Settle!

It will all still be there when you get back. 😊


Never Settle!


Erica Duran, Java, and Vienna

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Funny side note - Now that I'm leaving for what probably should be a digital detox - weeks in 🌺 Hawaii - I don't feel like I want to.

I think it will be fun to share and not a "should".  That is when the sharing is legit, right? 😉


Let me know if you'd like to set up some of these systems for your business so that social media and your digital life can be fun again.

Social media should be an amazing way to connect with people from all over the world in a short time and not a "have to" or "should". 💙


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