Announcing My All-New "Real World" Mastermind

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🌺Aloha ,

I am overjoyed to be announcing my brand new program "Real World Mastermind".

Most traditional mastermind and group coaching programs are FLAWED!

Let’s get really honest here…

Many new and seasoned entrepreneurs join group programs and masterminds because they want to work with a PARTICULAR coach, but at a SMALLER investment from the coach’s one-to-one packages and offerings.

So why stuff all the extra fluff, modules, meetings, etc. into masterminds and group programs?

Just give the people what they want –

Direct access to their desired coach at a lower price!🌋

My *NEW* mastermind program is built for the REAL world.

It is super light-weight and super AFFORDABLE. 

It fits into your regular work and takes no extra time out of your week. 

Plus, it has NOTHING to distract you from the Revenue-Generating Activities you need to focus on to move your business FORWARD.

Join now for OVER 60% OFF the regular investment for our introductory period.

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Never Settle!


Erica Duran, Java, and Vienna

Erica Duran
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🌺P.S.  Private clients in my private RISE Mentorship program and my Podcast Profit Plan program receive access to the Real World Mastermind as a BONUS for FREE!


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