How I Personally Find My Coaches and Mentors

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One of the best decisions in my life was to invest in myself through coaching.

At the time I had rent due, credit card debt, taxes, and massive medical bills.

I thought if I pay the monthly payments on these items, in 30 days I’ll be right back in the same situation.

Something kept telling me that to make a big change once and for all I would need to start doing things differently.

I had invested in online programs and group trainings before… but these were all places that I could just listen to and participate when I felt like it.

I didn’t have to be visible.

But there was a “no matter what” type of energy this time and I took the plunge and invested in a high-level private mentorship.

There was nowhere to hide now, it was just me and her on the phone.

And you’ve probably heard my story before but… I went from selling one-off single sessions at $50 to selling my first $12,500+ program in less than 30 days.

I’m not sharing this to brag but to show you what is possible for YOU!

There is nothing special about me except I was done settling and admitted I needed help.

With it being near autumn, it is the time of year when everyone seems to be looking to the future.

I thought I would share how I go about looking for a coach and making the investment in a program.

I am never without a coach these days because it is just so much easier for me to invest a little bit of time and money to get a large and consistent return on my investment.

We are always too close to our own businesses to see the blocks and mistakes we’re making.

With each new income level, new mindsets have to be cultivated and strengthened.

But you don’t always have to look for a new coaching program at the beginning of the year.

Any time of the year that you are done settling with where you are it is a good time to start looking around and finding the right coach for you but there is something about the New Year that motivates us even more to make big changes.

It could be someone to educate you in releasing extra weight.

Someone to support you in finding your soulmate.

Or, someone to help you mend your money story and underearning once and for all!

So Let's Dive Into How To Find A Business Coach Or Mentor


What do you need support with right now?

Instead of getting distracted by someone’s webinar or fancy sales page, DECIDE what you need help with first and then go out and look for the right coach to help you.

Don’t just join a program because it seems that everyone else is joining in a frenzy or out of “FOMO” (the fear of missing out).

Decide for yourself.

This is sort of the same idea I have around traditional magazine-cut-out-types of vision boards.

I don’t believe traditional vision boards work.

Taking a ton of time flipping through magazines and gluing things to a poster board isn’t my idea of a good time.

Those magazines and the advertisers in them are telling YOU what you need – the desires are not coming from within you.

So instead, decide what steps are next for you in getting your business and/or lifestyle to the next level and then seek out a coach that is an expert in that area.


I think it is really important that your coach has a lifestyle that you are seeking for yourself.

Not in a literal sense but in the big picture.

For example, many of my clients do not travel want full time but they DO want to be the masters of their own time, earn consistently at a high income, and have the option to travel when they desire.

Make sure that your coach has achieved what you would like to have for yourself.


What I’ve noticed about my clients is that those sign up in October through December hit the ground running in January.

Those that start looking for a coach in January don’t really seem to be as focused.

By the time they find a coach and get settled and start taking action it is already late February or even March.

There always seems to be something that they have to take care of or complete before they start their sessions whether that is figuring out their family’s schedule/routine, organizing their home/office, or finishing up a project.

I often hear, “I’ll sign up now to save my spot in the program but I just need a few weeks to _____ .”

By knowing what program you’ll be starting and being all signed up it is a great form of self-care.

You’re all taken care of and it takes some of the pressure off the New Year’s frenzy of goal setting when you know you have support.

Every bit of time matters when you have big dreams!

Those who sign up before the year’s end are already ahead of the game in January.


Don’t be shy!

This is your future!

Don’t shy away from an opportunity to hop on a coach’s free strategy sessions or clarity call.

There is no pressure whatsoever.

I can assure you that any good coach is just being present and listening to you so they can access if they can help you or not with what you are desiring to achieve.

There is a reason my strategy session is called “Aloha Strategy Sessions”.

In Hawaiian, “Aloha” means “Hello” AND “Goodbye”, so from what is discussed on the call it might mean “Hello! Let’s start working together” or it could mean “Goodbye, this just isn’t a good fit right now” and we’ll both move on from there.

No matter what happens on the call I always support the client in making a decision and their next steps to take so they are not left spinning in indecision.

That is a big energy leak for everyone!

Also, remember on these calls that you can ask anything at all.

Be bold and get you the answers to your questions!


Focus on the results of working with a particular coach, not the features of a program.

Features are things like the number of sessions a package includes or if you get email support or not.

What really matters is the result you will get from a particular package or program.

Wouldn’t you rather have the result faster and be living the lifestyle and earning the income you’ve always wanted?

Who cares if there are six calls or eleven calls in the package?

Good coaches focus on results and therefore are paid more when their clients achieve quicker results.

This is why you might see VIP Day Intensive Experience at a premium rate – for the speed and efficiency of the results you’ll receive.


I tend to sign up for my next year of coaching in November or December of the prior year so that I can squeeze one more tax write off in.

This might not be important to you but it is a strategy of mine.

Check with your government to see if this strategy will make sense for you.



Whenever I am trying to decide whether to work with a new coach I calculate roughly how much I will get for the return on my investment.

It goes something like this… “If I invest $10K in this coaching program for myself, I would have to sell about two memberships into my Evolved Entrepreneur 4.0 Program to get the $10,000 return.   Do I think this coach/program will help me sell more than ten memberships?   Yes! OK, let’s do it!”

But I take it one step further than this… You see, I won’t just sell five memberships with the new support/knowledge.

I will probably sell ten memberships again and again and again.

So for the $10,000 investment in a program, I’ll keep earning $10K per month or more.

In other words, It isn’t a one-time investment – I keep getting a return month after month for years to come!

And that could mean an extra $120,000 per year or even more!


I don’t believe that there is any “one size fits all” when it comes to marketing, systems, structures, packaging, branding, websites, etc.

I believe everyone needs to bring their uniqueness to their business.

You can model someone to a point, but most cookie-cutter programs don’t work.

They work for whoever is teaching it – but not always the students.

Make sure your coach helps support you in bringing your individuality out not just creating a carbon copy of themselves.


Lastly, how I go about choosing a coach is greatly based on “good vibes”.

I want it to be fun and intriguing to speak with them each week and I want them to be somewhat comfortable being vulnerable.

I personally get along with coaches who take themselves off a pedestal and aren’t too perfect.

Perfectionism is so boring!

I want to be able to relate to them and I don’t want them to hold any of the good, bad, or ugly back so I know exactly what may be in store for me in the future.

I want them to be successful, but not really a mega well-known person online where they are so far ahead that they can’t relate.

Want to take coaching for a test drive?

I have two options for you…

One, my Free Aloha Strategy Session.

Remember, no pressure – just a conversation to see if there is any way I can help you or point you in the right direction for your next steps or other resources.

And two, my all-new Mini Intensive: Mini Intensive.

It includes all the support but no long-term commitment so you can see for yourself if high-level support is right for you.

The great news is that if you decide to upgrade to a longer package later, the investment of your Mini Intensive: Mini Intensive is applied to the upgrade!


Never Settle!


Erica Duran, Java, and Vienna

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🔍P.S.  Bonus Tip!

Ever think of giving coaching as a gift?

If you have someone that is difficult to buy for maybe they would be better off receiving coaching in an area of their life or business.

Would you like to help them improve their health, relationships, or business?

You know how I hate clutter!

If you give coaching as a gift I can assure you that it won’t end up as clutter in someone’s home. 

Only one caveat here – and that is the receiver of the gift must be ready to receive the coaching and it must be a good client/coach match.

Most coaches have gift certificates available.

If you are interested in purchasing one of my programs for someone you care about you can receive more information by emailing our Concierge Team at



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