Baby Steps To Calling In More Abundance Into Your Life Fast!

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You may not realize it, but all the little details in your life matter to your income.

Time scarcity and money scarcity are the two mindsets I help people with the most these days.

And what I've found is that how you take care of yourself and your surroundings have a huge effect on your mindset, mood, and even your bank account.

Thinking up plans, scheduling them and then actually showing up for yourself does affect your self-worth and confidence.

Self-worth and confidence affect your marketing, being visible, and whether or not you close your sales conversations.

You see it is all connected.

Does this sound silly to you?

I know! It sounded silly to me too!

The first time a coach told me about this stuff I was thinking, "OK, whatever - just tell me what to write on my sales page so everyone will buy my program."

But it doesn't work like that.

I wish it did because sales pages are way easier to write then look at our mindset issues.

But when I got to the point where I was willing to try anything to make my business work it seemed like a simple thing to try.

Let's take a look at some simple areas in your life and see if you are blocking clients and money from coming to you.

Do you let your car get so low on gasoline that it beeps at you before you fill it up?

Do you do hours and hours of busy work losing track of the time and not eating until you are absolutely starving?

Do you let your pantry and refrigerator get completely empty before you do some meal planning and restocking?

Do you let your laundry pile up until you have literally nothing appropriate to wear?

Do you wait until you literally can't move your neck before you get a massage?

Do you let your bank account get really low before you hustle up and get back to marketing?

Are you always paying high ATM fees because you run out of cash on hand?

Constantly feeling that you are "not ready yet" and missing out on opportunities?

Do you try to squeeze every last bit of toothpaste or lipstick out of the container before you buy a new one?

Now, this isn't to be wasteful and throw away items that are still half-full, but when you are spending more time and energy squeezing every last drop out - that might be telling you something.

It might be suggesting that you don't believe that you can have more - that there is more available to you, that you are worth it.

Appreciate what you have but not to a point where you are obsessing over it.

You see, even without grand actions you can start to work on your mindset with one little shift at a time.

Did any of the scenarios above apply to you?

Awareness is key and you can now start spying on yourself and make the simple changes that will quickly add up to creating your new lifestyle and increasing your income.

It isn't always easy to see these blocks for yourself so if you would like to have a private chat about your situation don't hesitate to sign up for a FREE Aloha Strategy Session today!


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