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A great form of self-care that women don't think about is to always give yourself a LUXURIOUS AMOUNT OF TIME.

I think women (especially women entrepreneurs) always seem to be in a big rush.

In 2018, I stopped rushing.

I’ve always told myself & my clients that we are not emergency room doctors.

We don’t need to respond to phone calls when they are not scheduled or social media messages instantly.

We don’t need to get our email newsletters or social posts out on a specific day or time.

There is no “right” time to publish this content.

People read them when they read them all across different time zones.

But even though I would say these things – I still felt a little pressure to get through my to-do list & “make something happen”. But I’ve had the most sales this year when I traded in my to-do list for daily practices and my strategy for intuition.

My clients are seeking calm, trusting themselves, getting out of overwhelm, and seeing their business become wildly successful income-wise.

I needed to embody all this to support them to their next level.

My overfilled to-do list wasn’t going to cut it.

Rushing around wasn’t cutting it.

The key is not waiting until your business is successful & profitable to take the steps your gut is screaming at you to do.

The key is doing what you’d do if you already “made it”.

Whatever “made it” means to you.

You don’t become an entrepreneur you live like the entrepreneur right NOW.

You don’t become a healthy person one day – each day you make the right healthy choices and take healthy actions NOW.

You don’t become a minimalist “one day” – you start putting up all your useless clutter up for sale or calling the donation truck NOW.

You don’t become a writer – you start writing NOW.

You don’t one day hire the coach, take the trip, reach out to the influencer, upgrade the laptop, get the checkup, etc. – you get these things IN MOTION NOW!

Look back, taking singular big bold moves has always served me more than the “rush, rush, rush”.


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