What’s Your Online Visibility Score?

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🔍What’s Your Online Visibility Score?

Most new clients that come to me think that no one wants their products/services.

They’ve been posting on social media several times per day.

They’ve been trying to get interviewed on podcasts and other media.

They’ve been to in-person networking groups.

They’ve tried Google AdWords Facebook Ads that didn’t convert as they expected.

They’ve spent HOURS hustling on Instagram or in Facebook Groups.

It isn’t that no one wants their service/online course or product.

IT IS THAT THEIR ONLINE VISIBILITY isn’t reaching enough people who are SEARCHING for their solution.

They just don’t have enough eyeballs on their offerings.

When people are serious about solving their problem and are willing to spend money on that solution - they search GOOGLE!

People are on social media to catch up with friends and avoid what they are really supposed to be doing. 😉

Build your positioning as an expert by being found on Google for the topic you are an expert in.

Facebook ads are a great way for people to stumble on you/your business and get to know you over an email series.

Facebook ads are a great way to build your email list very quickly and test offers.

But SEO is the one-time cost long-term game that will pay off for years to come!

SEO can off-set your Facebook and Google add spend.

🔍Want to find out your Online Visibility Score?🔍

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