A Reminder To Share Your Gifts!

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This Is A Friendly Reminder To Share Your Gifts!

I noticed that a lot of my private clients were getting all their systems and structures set up, but when it was time to get this “show on the road” for real, and Hustle (with Aloha of course 😊), there was a BIG disconnect.

I didn’t realize that they were missing a piece!

They just had no idea how to start communicating through writing or speaking to get the ball rolling.

These little pieces of writing either on social media or email, to just get the conversation started, were very easy for me to write and obvious.

This was a great lesson for me and so I’m sharing it with you...

What you think is easy, others do not, and they will pay you for your help.

We often overlook what comes easy to us.

We don’t understand how someone could be stuck in that place.

We don’t want to charge for what comes easy to us because we just can’t imagine paying for something that was so easy.

But we are all different, and we can help others with what we are good at, and make a really nice living.

Your gift is usually something so obvious that you can’t even see it for yourself, so it helps to have someone else work with you to point it out, whether that be a coach or mastermind partner.

Anyway, I just wanted to slip this backstory in somehow.

I am not the best writer by any means, but I do seem to just come up with words that are short and direct when I am writing an initial outreach email to get podcast sponsors, new membership site members, clients, pitches to the media, etc. so I've created TONS of templates that my clients can edit to make their own use.

I've included some in my new program "Hustling with Aloha"



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