How To Get Crystal Clear On Your Desires... Unapologetically

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Uncover your desires!

Can you believe that less than 1% of people walking around this earth even know what they want?

This is so sad to me knowing that life is so short.

It is fascinating to me how people go about their day and routines (that aren’t usually even created by them in a conscious manner).

It frustrates me to no end when I see family members, clients, and loved ones wasting their life in traffic, watching TV, or even participating in a bad habit (gambling, drinking too much, mindless shopping, etc.)!

I had to learn to not take that on myself - I can’t want it for them more than they want it for their own lives.

A big thing you should know about desires is that they don’t come into your awareness to just toy with you or taunt you.

Your desires are within you for a reason.

That is why you must respect them, don’t make your desires wrong, don’t make the desires of other people wrong, and don't hide or apologize for them.

This has a bonus of feeling really freeing at the same time. :)

Uncovering, connecting to, and claiming your true desires is also how you create the space for the money and abundance to come in.

Here is the magic key to that money mystery you’ve been waiting for...

The money has to have a purpose and be connected to your true desires.

You can’t say your goal is to earn $10K this month just for the sake of it.

It must be connected to your desires in a very detailed way.

Being connected to your desires is also what makes your brand unique and stand out.

Being connected to your true desires collapses your competition.

And makes your business a whole lot more fun for you to work/play in.

If you want to work in a hard and boring job - don’t become an entrepreneur.

Save yourself the tremendous risk and uncertainty and just get a good job that you can count on.

If you want to have the life that most people can’t even relate to because it is so amazing and so much fun and so “uniquely you”, then get connected to your desires.

But how do you go about connecting to your truth?

First, I think we have to drop the drama, be honest with ourselves, stop “shoulding” ourselves, reduce the amount of marketing we are exposed to, have daily sessions of silence, and start asking ourselves some questions.

Question everything while you are learning this and trying to uncover your desires along with some traditional questions to come.

It is one thing to just go through life “same old same old” and accept things blindly as they are and it is another thing to wake up and know your thoughts and opinions on things.

Even if you can’t get out of the situation right now, at least you will be honest with yourself, recognize how you would like things to be different and start moving your life in that direction.

You will start making decisions and recognizing opportunities as they show up to get yourself into that new situation of your desires even if it isn’t possible now. 

So it is better to be aware and honest with yourself from this point forward.

Do you like the environment you live in?

Do you really want to keep doing the same business just because you are good at the skills it requires or do you want to do an entirely different venture?

Do you like your skincare routine?

Or, is it one that you’ve had since you were a teenager and your skin has changed now.

Do you like what you eat for breakfast or is it just fast and what you’ve had for years?

Do you like your car?

Do you even need a car?

Are you happy in your main relationships or are you just avoiding some tough conversations and going through the motions?

Do you still even like the magazines you subscribed to years ago?  Do you feel guilty about not getting to reading them or trying out the recipes?

Honestly, question EVERYTHING in your life and start recognizing what YOU like and what YOU don’t like.

Here are some more introspective serious questions to ask yourself to dig in deeper to get crystal clear on your desires...

1. What did you love to do as a child?

2. What do you love to do on weekends, the times when you are not working?

3. If you live with others, what would you do if you had the place to yourself for an entire weekend?

4. What activities or projects make you lose track of time?

5. What puts a smile on your face no matter what? (This could be experiences, activities, things, hobbies, anything at all).

6. What makes you feel free, powerful or good about yourself?

7. If you could solve one problem in the world what would that be?

8. What do people always compliment you on? What do they come to you for help with? What are your natural abilities, skills, talents, gifts? What is easy for you and hard for other people?

9. If money weren't an issue, what would be different in your business? What would be different in your life?

By answering these questions you should be able to uncover your true desires.

Now you have the fuel to do the things in your business that are not easy - that are out of your comfort zone.

If you feel like you are ever procrastinating or low on energy, check in with your desires.

Are you clear on them?

Never Settle!


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