Tech = Hives? Time To Fix It!

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The thought of "tech" make you break out in hives a little?

Does the word "funnel" make you slink back in your chair?

I get it.

I was like that, too.

Four years ago I kind of rolled my eyes at the word "system" because it didn't sound fun.

But here's the reality:

Being broke isn't very much fun either.

Being burnt out is straight-up ugly.

So I'm gonna give you some tough lovin' right now...

If you want a sustainable business, and if you want to scale now or very soon, you're going to have to get cozy with the words "system" "sales funnel" and "strategy".

Seriously, if you only knew the time and money you would save if you would just buckle down now and learn this stuff!

It would change everything.

Literally everything.

Take my example for instance...

Four years ago I would spend about half of my day stuck in my email inbox, then I would try to catch up at night on social media after a crazy long day of being on calls with clients.

And I would do this for 5 to 7 days a week!

Sorry pups, no time to go for a walk.

My energy was all over the place.

I wasn't able to give my best to my clients.

My relationships suffered.

I always felt distracted, like I was forgetting something.

Until I had enough and realized...

If I want to have a life, this will never work.

If I want to have an AWESOME life, I can't keep sacrificing my time.

If I want to stay healthy and sane, something has to change now.

That's when I embraced systems and sales funnels.

And though it wasn't easy (because I was mostly figuring it ALL out on my own), I started making daily decisions to be systematic in my business.

I tossed out all of the "fluff" activities that didn't increase my bottom line.

And then I experienced real freedom.

Freedom to take off mid-week.

To enjoy 4+-day weekends.

To beach it up on Wednesday afternoons.

Because my business doesn't need me IN it 24/7.

All thanks to strategy and sales funnels.

Imagine that!

So, think you can warm up to the idea of systems and sales funnels being a part of your business?

If you saw what it looked like on the other side, I'm sure you'd be convinced.

This is what we can talk about on an Aloha Strategy Session - breaking down numbers and sharing how this can actually work for YOU!

🏖Ready to take your strategy to the next level and get tons of free time back?  Book your complimentary Aloha Strategy Session now!



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