5 Myths and Mistakes Of Attracting and Working with High-Paying Clients

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I was recently interviewed on a video summit and many of the questions that came up were revolving around the myths and mistakes of attracting and working with high-paying clients.

There seems to be a lot of fear, confusion, and sheer mystery out there on this topic.

I thought I would share some tips and debunk some of the mystery.

As a service-based entrepreneur, it is critical that you package up your services and expertise into the right container for each client.

If you are doing any type of coaching, web design, consulting, healing, professional organizing, etc. then one-off sessions don't serve you or your client.

If you are an expert on any topic you know this - one session with no commitment is barely scratching the surface.

It isn't serving you or your client to exchange your services in a single-session model or hourly type of way.

That is a very hours-for-dollars model and mindset. (And don't think you can just bundle up your hours and give a discount and call it a package - that is more hours for FEWER dollars!)

You could actually be hurting or causing a disservice to your clients working this way.

You open them up and then don't have the time and space to finish or fix the real problem.

For you, as the service provider, charging too little or not creating a package for your services doesn't serve you either.

You can't focus on doing your best work if you are constantly having to hustle for your next client and chasing the calendar to pay your bills on time.

And guess what?

In my experience, lower price point packages and offerings are actually harder to sell! 

I worked way harder in the past selling volumes of $297 programs instead of selling fewer higher-end programs to ideal clients.

After the video interview, I thought about all the questions that were asked and found that they were all based on fear.

Here Are The 5 Myths and Mistakes Of Attracting and Working With High-Paying Clients...

1. Fear That You Can't Attract High-Paying Clients

High-paying clients are not magical unicorns!

They exist and they are everywhere!

Don't confuse high- paying clients with wealthy clients.

A high-paying client is just someone who has decided to not settle anymore.

She is tired of struggling with something on her own or she is really ready to up-level an area of her life or business.

She wants expert guidance and support through the process or service you provide.

She is not exactly wealthy but wants to quickly and fiercely move towards her dream situation or move out of pain.

Basically, she is done messing around and ready to take herself seriously.

Most of my clients are not wealthy and I've had a few that were even on welfare.

They just knew if they kept doing what they had been doing, nothing would ever change.

So they were ready to get serious and invest in themselves.

2. Fear Of Working Harder If You Were To Charge More

Like I mentioned earlier, it is often even more work selling lower-end packages and services.

Many service-based entrepreneurs I observe are quite "busy" doing a bunch of busy work and procrastinating on what would really move their business forward.

And many were brought up with a belief that you have to work really hard for their money.

They think that if they start charging more they will have to work even harder and there are not enough hours in the day now for them to complete the tasks and projects on their wishlist.

So how are they going to deliver a high-end package?!?

This is not true, thinking that you have to work hard for money is just a false belief that you have or an old money story that was passed down to you.

It isn't your truth.

You must start retraining your mind.

You don't have to work hard for money, you can leverage years of expertise and know-how.

If you claim your ideal clients/target market, study them, and create packages specifically for what they need support with you'll be in perfect alignment.

You also need to position yourself correctly and have the right messaging to attract your ideal client/target market.

It is different for everyone.

You can NOT model the marketing, messaging or positioning too closely of someone else or you'll risk attracting the wrong people to you and you will not sell any of your packages.

This all has to be uniquely you.

But all these things can be completed in just a few weeks (even days if you are really motivated) and then you are all set up to receive high- paying clients.

With you no longer falsely craving or available for busywork, just imagine how your daily calendar will open up.

You'll be working less, but having a huge impact!

I've also heard entrepreneurs say that they don't want a bunch of mini-bosses or to feel like they are in so much obligation to supporting a high-paying client.

This isn't true either. Money is just an exchange of value or energy.

Your clients don't own you if they pay a higher rate.

A lot of this can also be cleaned up in your business by having the right systems and boundaries in place.

I spend a lot of time on this piece with my clients so that everything is in place.

They don't even feel any of this mindset pressure or back-and-forth because everything is all set up in their favor to work for them.

3. Fear Of Not Knowing Enough To Charge Higher Rates

Many service-based entrepreneurs feel unqualified to charge appropriately for their work.

You probably don't know everything about your topic, no one does.

But I'll bet you know more than the ideal client you are targeting.

Even if you are only a few steps ahead, you are still ahead of the people you are helping.

You can offer support, guidance, and expertise and they will be willing to pay to take the overwhelm out of their life.

This excuse is mostly a lack of confidence.

I often have clients start a Life Resume to help them overcome this mindset or lack of confidence.

What surprised me a little was the fact that people REALLY like working with someone that isn't TOO far ahead of them!

The huge gurus in any topic can be too intimidating or they are so far ahead that they can't relate to where the client is really at in the process.

You being just a few steps ahead can really be attractive to a client that is a little scared or intimidated themselves.

And you are a great model for them!

You are not too far ahead and they can see themselves following the same steps to get just to where you are now.

4. Fear of Getting Your Packages Wrong

I see many service-based entrepreneurs procrastinating on getting their first premium packages together out of fear of getting them wrong.

I have great news for you! You can't create your packages wrong.

If something isn't selling, you can change it extremely fast based on what your market research and prospects are telling you.

My packages change every 60 days or so.

I'm constantly changing and up-leveling and so the types of clients I attract keep changing.

I tweak my packages to better serve them and where they are at in the process.

I learn what is working and what isn't working and make changes based on their feedback and my observations.

But you can't do any of this until you get your first signature package out there!

So get that first one out FAST!

5. Fear Of Taking Their Money

Don't rob them of the experience of investing in a high-end package or rob them of the results they will get.

When you charge higher rates, you will find that your clients are more serious and they get far better results.

You have to remember when you are a service-based entrepreneur, a big part of your client's transformation is them actually stepping up and investing in themselves.

You have to remember that they are not (in many cases) investing in you but in their results.

It is that experience of pulling out their credit card to solve a pain point for themselves.

They invest in support so they can expand into who they were meant to be without all the struggle that starts the transformation process and puts it in turbo mode.

Many of my clients have enrolled in a program and before they even have their first call they are sending me emails of celebration that they received a client or an opportunity or the fact that they are getting more done in a week than they had in the last six months.

But we didn't even have our first launch call yet! It is all because they are stepping up, investing in themselves, and making it happen this time for real!

When I am helping a private client work on this type of "taking someone's money" mindset I hear them say something like this, "I just had a free consultation session with a new potential client and we seem like a perfect fit but she said that she needs to get her car fixed and her water heater broke and her daughter is starting school and needs all new clothes, etc. etc. I can't stomach taking any money from her."

You are not taking their money, they are investing in a program or service that they have probably been desiring for a long time.

You are only taking their money if you go into their handbag and take their money without them knowing.

You are not doing that, are you?

Something that will either take them closer to their dream situation or out of their current painful situation.

Their finances are none of your business.

Don't get roped into their money story.

If you think about it is a bit rude to think that you are taking their money or that they can't afford it, right?

How would someone feel if I was hosting an Aloha Strategy Session and it looked like it was a great fit to work together but I said something like, "Yes, I think we are a great fit but I don't think you can afford anything."

That is so rude!

You would never say something like that, would you?

So why do so many of us have this misconception that we are "taking money" from someone?

Either they want to invest in your program or service or they don't. 

YOU are not taking their money, you are helping them take that first step that will jump-start everything else!

Getting over these mindsets and fears can be challenging, but sometimes I think about all the people that wouldn't have received help or be where they are at today if I didn't get over myself and help them. :)

There are people out there right now struggling and stressed with something that you are gifted at and see as second-nature.


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