5 Words That Will Change Your Life

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In observing clients and friends these past few weeks, I am reminded yet AGAIN that procrastination doesn't come from laziness but stems from fear.

💫Fear of the unknown.

💫Fear of change.

💫Fear of failing.

💫Fear of looking ridiculous.

💫Fear of running out of money.


I see a whole lot of people doing a whole lot of things THAT DO NOT MATTER.

These people are not lazy - they are doing A LOT of things.

But they are not doing the things that will move their business forward out of fear.

The things that matter.

Curiosity has become one of my favorite words.

There's something playful about it that takes the stress and fear out of a situation.

Because let's get real here...

You will never have all the answers.

You'll never be completely in control.

And the time doesn't come when you can finally just take it easy.

And you know what?

This is good news!

Freedom comes once you realize that there's not some destination you have to get to before you can really start living.

Overwhelm dissolves when you surrender some of the weight you've been carrying on your shoulders over to (insert what you believe in here).

Stop trying to carry it all and control it all.

When doubt, second-guessing, or overthinking start to creep up from now on I invite you to ask yourself a different question...

The 5 words that will change your life...


This little phrase takes you out of being overwhelmed and stuck mode and activates your creativity.

Try it now.

What have you been holding back on putting out there? Launching? Quitting? Changing to serve you better? Getting rid of? Hiring? Singing up for?

What if this COULD work?

What would THAT look like?

Never Settle!


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