You Must Claim It For Yourself!

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You must claim it for yourself!

No one is going to show up on your doorstep and say, "Congratulations! You've arrived! You are the person you've been dreaming about and now everything is going to be super easy!"

This just doesn't happen in real life.

At least I haven't seen it before.

But this is the GOOD NEWS!

You get to CHOOSE what you become!

You have to CLAIM it for yourself...

👑If you want a certain award for your industry.

👑If you want to be a certain type of coach.

👑If you want to have a certain type of body.

👑If you want to have #influencer status on social media.

👑If you want to get your book published.

👑If you want to move to the place of your dreams.

👑If you want the soulmate relationship.


First, you have to get super clear on your true desires.

Not your mother's/neighbor's/spouse's desires for you, but your own UNFILTERED ONES! 🌋

Drop all the "shoulds" and "suppose to's" and uncover what you really want.

Then go after your true desires with an unstoppable fierceness.🌋

✨Get into alignment each day with your goals and your future vision for yourself and then take inspired action from energy/feeling.✨

Getting into this high-vibe energy first will help you to push through the scary and tough stuff.

🌺And if you need help along the way or want to work out a strategy for CLAIMING it for yourself, then book your FREE Aloha Strategy Session today.🌺


Never Settle!


Erica Duran, Java, and Vienna

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