Full Of Ideas?

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Full Of Ideas? 💡

Here's What I Know... Your Ideas Have A Shelf Life. 

I’ll be you have notebooks upon notebooks, upon napkins, upon sticky notes, full of BRILLIANT ideas!  ✍️📓

I’ll bet that you were SUPER excited about the idea when it came to you.

I’ll bet that a lot of time has passed and now the idea has lost its magic.

That is if you can even find the notes you made in the first place.

Ideas have a shelf life.

If you leave too much time in between the initial download of the idea to launch, you leave yourself open for procrastination, second-guessing yourself, overthinking and just the sheer loss of your own excitement for the idea.

A lot of time between idea and launch leaves a lot of time for you to come up with evidence as to why this launch “probably won’t work and is just a waste of time.”

People buy your energy, not your programs/products.

So if that energy is lost – that may be why your launches in the past haven’t been as successful as they might have been.

That is if you even made it to the launch in the first place.

You Won’t Make Any Money Unless You Launch Something.

Your Business Should Be Bringing In Money DAILY.

New Prospects/Followers Stumble Upon You DAILY.

Your Prospects Are Ready To Buy When They Are Ready To Buy and Solve Their Problem Not Because You Have A Program Opening.

Perfectionists Are Usually Broke.

There Is NO One Right Way To Do A Launch Sequence. Set All The "Rules" You’ve Ever Heard About Launching and Online Marketing On FIRE! (#Dracarys!🔥🐉)

Ready To Get Started?

Remember, If you don’t launch anything, you won’t get paid.



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