The Struggle Is NOT Real!

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The Struggle IS NOT Real!⁣

I was just talking to a client about how she was addicted to worry and struggle. ⁣

First, she was worried she wouldn’t get any clients.

Then she was worried she had too many clients coming in and couldn’t serve them at the high level that she desired.⁣

If she doesn’t have anything to worry about it seems she’ll find or invent something to worry about.⁣

Sound Familiar?⁣

I do the same sometimes and then catch myself falling into this trap that causes procrastination and lack of action-taking.⁣

It seems to happen especially when we are tired. ⁣

Our brains are lazy and keeping a good mindset is a challenge. ⁣

When we are tired and our guards are down our brains go back to the rut they are used to - it is just easier.⁣

So all those coaches with their cliche messaging telling you to focus on self-care kinda have a point. 😉⁣

This past year, I’ve really improved this area and started working and living from alignment and not struggle.⁣

I’ve even tossed my to-do list in the trash for good!⁣

It is AMAZING to witness my clients taking this path now as well.⁣

Never Settle!


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If you want to break this pattern of being addicted to struggle so you can get out of your own way so you can live the lifestyle you’ve been admiring other people enjoying - request your “Aloha” Strategy Session today.⁣



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