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Being back in Hawaii these past few weeks has reminded me why living on brand is so fun.

I put things in my brand that I love.

I get to surround myself with those things and call it work. 😉

🌋So today I'm sharing a program I created called "Live On Brand". 🌋

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Since I decided to live “on brand” my life got a whole lot easier.

This is for two reasons.

One, marketing and being remembered is easier when you are aligned with your brand.

And two, because decisions are exhausting!

Let’s start with the marketing piece.

Back when I used to attend in-person networking groups people used to meet me and say “You look just like your website!”.

My car, handbag, clothes, business cards, etc. were all teal and black and a bit “beachy”.

This helped people remember me just a bit better when they got home and had a stack of business cards to go through.

The second way living on brand helped me was in the decision making! I always knew what to buy and wear out - it was easy.

Plus, I intentionally choose those colors and imagery because I personally liked it anyway, so it made the choices even easier.

You have to make about six decisions to order a cup of coffee at Starbucks these days so the fewer decisions I can make in a day the better!

The fewer decisions you make the less exhausted you'll be.

When I’m in the middle of a big project I’ll eat almost the same thing each day and wear the same type of clothes (almost a uniform) to lessen the amount of mental space used to make little decisions.

This isn’t to take the fun or serendipity out of life, it is only a few times a year, but it really helps reduce stress and increases productivity.

Back to how this applies to branding...

Here are a few examples of how it makes daily decisions easier...

I know most of my clothes are going to come from stores like Tommy Bahamas or little boutiques in Waikiki Hawaii to live an up-leveled tropical look.

I know which podcasts and video summits to say “Yes” to based on their messaging.

I know what hotels to approach to sponsor my podcast.

I know which photos to share on Instagram and which ones are just for me.

I know what word choices I should use on my website, emails, podcast, etc.

I know the level of customer service my team needs to provide. I know what cell phone and other products to buy.

I know what locations to do my photoshoots/videos.


All because it would be “off-brand” to do something else.

Now, this doesn’t completely run my life, just makes some decisions easier.

And I still have the freedom to do/buy/wear/say/etc. something that is off-brand but I don’t always have to share it.

🌋Make Every Decision Easier - Check out my program "Live On Brand" 🌋


Never Settle!


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