It Is Probably Not What You Think...

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The thing that is holding you back in your business is ALMOST ALWAYS not business-related.

I just made it back to California! ☀️⁣

And I just had an email exchange with a private client.⁣

Some of my private clients participate in a weekly PROVEN and POWERFUL feedback loop process⁣

This process keeps them extremely focused and accountable to the specific goals they set for that week. ⁣

The good thing is that it only takes about 10 minutes a week to complete.⁣

I want them to get the vital things completed that will really move their business, sales, and life forward without the uncertainty of wondering what you should do next.⁣

But on this particular week, a client asked me if he should continue the feedback loop for the next couple of weeks - he said the block that came up was personal in nature and not related to his business.⁣

I said, "You are in the right place. Almost always what is holding us back from making a BIG splash of success in our businesses IS PERSONAL - not business-related."⁣

Yet, when people are not doing well in their business they do TONS of research and seek out business courses to answer their business problems/challenges.⁣

There is no lack of information, blog posts, videos, webinars, podcasts, etc.⁣

I believe you have ALL the information you need... and then some on how to start and grow your business.⁣

You know enough to get your first clients RIGHT NOW!⁣

It is often just small adjustments needed.⁣

What is really holding you back from the income and lifestyle that you have on your vision board is a personal challenge, a mindset, a misalignment.⁣

None of the business strategies you are learning will work if this ONE piece is out of place.⁣

If you get to the bottom of this block then ALL the strategies that you are learning will work - you just have to pick which one sounds like the most fun to you.⁣


Want to take the first step in unraveling this block? Let's chat.  Book your complimentary Aloha Strategy Session today!⁣




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