Belief Comes Before Evidence

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💫 Belief Comes Before Evidence 💫⁣

So many people get this idea in reverse.⁣

They wait for the evidence before they believe something is possible.⁣

But it is the unwavering faith and belief that you WILL get what you want that keeps you moving forward, taking scary actions, blocking out distractions, and just all around going for it.⁣

You can't wait for the evidence to show up first - you'll never get there.⁣

You can't wait for the money to show up before you take a scary action in your business, say "yes" to a big opportunity, or invest in yourself.⁣

You can't wait for all your ducks to be in a row and perfect before you start teasing your launch to your audience.⁣

You can't sit on ideas because you think they might not sell.⁣

🌺You have to get yourself into a state of alignment each and EVERY day to keep this level of energy, belief, and tenacity up in order to go after the lifestyle that you know is meant for you.⁣

I've put together a few practices in my "Alignment with Aloha" that will support you in getting to the next level each and every day.⁣

🌺Learn these simple practices so that you can toss your to-do list in the trash and work from a space of pure joy, momentum, and excitement each day.⁣

I hope you'll join me and stop settling.⁣

Learn more: Alignment with Aloha


Never Settle!


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