A Reminder That It Is About BEING

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Recording a lot today here in Arizona 🌵🏜 for some new projects and podcasts.⁣

But I wanted to stop in with a little reminder for you to start BEING what you want to be.⁣

No one is going to knock on your door to give you permission and 👑crown you whatever you are hoping one day you'll be.⁣

Be an entrepreneur by doing entrepreneurial things.⁣

Be a podcaster by recording episodes.⁣

Be a writer by writing.⁣

Be a thought leader by coming up with your OWN unique thoughts and SHARING them.⁣

Be a coach by coaching someone.⁣

Sell your programs and products by creating and selling them.⁣

Be in great health with managing your diet and fitness today.⁣

Be a minimalist by shedding your clutter.

Be a freelancer by getting your first client.⁣

I think you are getting the idea. 😉

This isn't complicated at all. ⁣

💫Simplify and take the next best and aligned action you know how to take right now.💫

Reach out if you need support overcoming the "I'm not ready yet" block. 🌺

Never Settle!


Erica Duran, Java, and Vienna

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