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Aloha and welcome to my email on big scary sales conversations. 😉

So, first things first…. you’ve got to STOP thinking that they are big scary sales conversations!⁣

Take the pressure off – they are just conversations.⁣

Show up to your conversation ready to connect with someone you’ve never met before.⁣

Be present.⁣


Don’t clutter up your mind with what slick thing you should say next.⁣

Act normal. 😊⁣

You are not on an audition.⁣

You have nothing to prove.⁣

You can’t force or convince someone to do something they don’t want to do.⁣

You can’t be attached to the outcome of the conversation because you don’t know if this person is the right client for you… yet.⁣

This is exactly what this conversation is for.⁣

To see if you should work together, or to see if your product will work for them.⁣

Nothing more.⁣

Although we can’t control the outcome of a sales conversation, we can put several pieces in place that will build your confidence so you can relax and have fun connecting with your prospect, positioned as the expert you are, and close the sale without all the mindset, self-worth, and money story drama.⁣

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