[VIDEO] Launching Doesn't Have To Be Exhausting Or Overwhelming

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I NEVER Understood The Traditional Launch Strategy That Is Taught All Over The Internet!

It Just Never Made Sense To Me.

The traditional launch strategy and sequencing is exhausting, stressful, and completely takes over your life.

ONE guy a few years ago wrote a book about how to do an online launch and then EVERYBODY thought that was the ONE way that you had to launch.

Entrepreneurs were following this system blindly and feeling like they would never have a 6-figure launch unless they did it this ONE exhausting way.

This launch system was even breeding peer pressure, comparison, and competition in the online world – weren’t these supposed to be unique FREEDOM businesses?

His launch system was a very pushy and masculine way to launch… which leads to even more exhaustion if you prefer working from inspired action, flow, and the magic of momentum.

His system was cookie-cutter and had no room for creativity or working in your own unique way with your energy.

The traditional launching system is NOT open to everyone – you need a BIG team and a BIG ad budget to pull it off.


1. Your ideas have a shelf life.

2. You won’t make any money unless you launch something.

3. Your business should be bringing in money every single day.

4. New people stumble upon you daily.

5. Your prospects are ready to buy when they are ready to solve their problem.

6. Perfectionists are usually broke.

7. There is NO one right way to do a launch sequence.

I started using this totally customizable "Launching with Aloha" formula in my business in early 2018 and people think that I’m working more than ever because so many programs come out so quickly! 

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Never Settle!


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