You Don't Have To Be Perfect, You Just Have To...

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Reflecting back on this week's client calls and some video trainings I was filming for my Oasis Membership Site, I noticed a pattern...

So many times I found myself repeating myself on the calls and videos.

💫"You Don't Have To Be Perfect, You Just Have To Show Up!"

💫 So many fake "rules" hold us back from showing up.

🚫We think we don't have enough social media followers or downloads to pull off a podcast sponsor.

🚫We think no one will show up to our webinar, so we keep delaying.

🚫We over research equipment or online tools before creating videos, podcasts, or putting up that first offer.

🚫We don't put our lead magnets together because we are overthinking our target market.

🚫We don't send an email to our list because we feel there aren't enough subscribers yet.


This thought pattern is constant in everything that is new and different to us for most people.

🌋But what if instead of wasting all this time thinking up these excuses we just did the darn work and got our message out there?

🌋What if we didn't let all our good ideas "sit" until the magic was gone.

🌋What if we got our offers out quickly and consistently so that the money was consistent?


I didn't realize how much this constant overthinking and second-guessing was really holding people back from creating the lifestyle they wanted and getting their inspiring/important messages out into the world.


You can't support or help anyone if you are the best-kept secret on the internet.

🌺I created "Launching with Aloha" so you could get out of your own way quickly and start making money daily in your business.🌺

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Never Settle!


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