I Still Use These Strategies For Podcast Sponsorship

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🏝I still use these strategies for Podcast Sponsorship that I shared on this episode of Thriving Launch!



🎤Listen Here: https://thrivinglaunch.com/podcast-sponsorship-erica-duran/ 


From the show notes... 

🌴Podcasting is one of the easiest ways to get your message out there and attract people, and you can even get paid to do it with podcast sponsorship.

🌴Erica Duran, who is a business coach for online entrepreneurs and runs a freedom lifestyle business, shares tips on how you can get a podcast sponsorship and even stay in luxury resorts for FREE!

🌴One form of podcast sponsorship is staying at luxury resorts for free in exchange for advertising on your podcast and social media channels.

🌴Reaching out to sponsors:

Take inventory of goods, services, and things you enjoy.

Reaching out to them on Twitter or Facebook.

Email the email address on their website.

Ask who the right person to talk to is.

🌴How to gain a podcast sponsorship:

Be visible; commenting, liking, posting, sharing your sponsor’s stuff.

When writing to businesses, you can write “I’m interested in featuring your resort or your product on my podcast. Who’s the right person to speak to?”

Your services and products must be in alignment with the sponsors’ businesses.

🌴Look at your previous jobs. It helps you find a podcast sponsorship if you know the lingo of the industry.

🌴To get a podcast sponsorship, simply ask. You’ll never know unless you ask. 😊

Enjoy the episode: https://thrivinglaunch.com/podcast-sponsorship-erica-duran/

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