Wouldn't It Be Great If A Million People Per Month Saw Your Site On Google's FREE Organic Search?

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It is possible with Googlebait SEO!

To start Googlebait teaches you how to do keyword research properly and with your competition in mind.

Then we support you in writing focused SEO pages that showcase the keyword/keyword phrases.

You can write multiple SEO pages to make sure all aspects of any keyword/keyword phrase are covered.

We then help you set up a schedule to release pages about every three days so Google sees these pages as fresh content and we don't overwhelm the search.

Keywords are picked by the number of searches per month and your competition - keywords that your potential clients and customers are ACTUALLY typing into the Google search bar to find you.

Any keyword/keyword phrase with a low number of searches is ignored.

In general, we pick keywords that have 1,000 to 1,000,000 per month.

At first, your goal is to have about 10 Googlebait SEO Pages out there.

Being consistent over time to write and release about 3 Googlebait SEO pages per week you'll have over 150 Googlebait SEO Pages in one year!

If you continue to write Googlebait SEO pages the sky’s the limit!

The first pages pick the keywords with the least competition.

As your “Google trust factor” increases by posting quality pages, we will go after the more competitive markets.

Here Is The Math...

If you post 10 Googlebait SEO Pages with searches averaging 100,000 per month that’s 1,000,000 chances.

Unfortunately, your Google rank may keep people from seeing your pages no matter how well the pages are written.

By having about 3 Googlebait SEO Pages released per week, this will increase your “Google trust factor” and your page ranking.

Now people will really start to find your website!

100 Googlebait SEO pages, at the average 100,000 searches per month, is equal to 10,000,000 (10 million) and more Googlebait SEO Pages pushes the numbers up even higher!

Here Is The Reality Check...

Your competition, your industry, and your location will play a major factor in how well the Googlebait SEO Pages perform.

Some keywords will do really well and some may never be anywhere close to the top of Google’s free organic search but the more pages you have out there the better you will do.

The more keywords you dominate the more likely customers will find your website.

That’s how it’s possible that a million people per month, by using Googlebait SEO Pages, will be drawn to your site.

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