Introducing... Premium Package Basics!

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Introducing... Premium Package Basics!⁣

Create Your Own High-End Premium Packages and Unchain Yourself From The Dollars-For-Hours Madness!

The Fastest Way I Know Out Of A Dollars-For-Hours Business Model and Chasing the Calendar Each Month To Pay Your Bills (especially as a service-based entrepreneur) Is To Create Premium Packages.

I can honestly say that this is the ONE thing that changed my business and income overnight!

I went from selling $50 one-off sessions to selling a premium package at $12,500 in less than 30 days!



Here is what we'll cover in Premium Package Basics...

🌋Create your signature offering and support offerings.

🌋Showcase your expert status so you can charge premium rates.

🌋Setting your pricing and charge appropriately.⁣

🌋Make sure your packages and offerings have “curb appeal”.

🌋Know how to set up a sales page for selling a premium package.

🌋Know how to close a high-end sales conversation.

🌋Up-level your brand with a flawless photo shoot.⁣

💫Plus! You'll receive my multiple 6-figure Online Business Resource Guide and Freedom Budget Guide.

💫Plus! You can ask all your questions with unlimited and direct voice/text/video access!

Ready To Stop Selling One-Off Sessions, Services, and Products?

🌺Learn more and enroll in Premium Package Basics 🌺

*You can get started creating and selling your premium packages today for as little as $87!*

Never Settle!


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