The Little Details Of Your Life Matter and Affect Your Income

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You may not realize it, but all the little details in your life matter to your income.

Time scarcity and money scarcity are the two mindsets I help people with the most these days.

And what I’ve found is that how you take care of yourself and your surroundings have a huge effect on your mindset, mood, and even your bank account.

Thinking up plans, scheduling them and then actually showing up for yourself does affect your self-worth and confidence.

Self-worth and confidence affect your marketing, being visible, and whether or not you close your sales conversations.⠀

You see it is all connected.

Does this sound silly to you?

I know! It sounded silly to me too!

The first time a coach told me about this stuff I was thinking, “OK, whatever – just tell me what to write on my sales page so everyone will buy my program.”

But it doesn’t work like that.

I wish it did because sales pages are way easier to write than look at our mindset issues.

But when I got to the point where I was willing to try anything to make my business work it seemed like a simple thing to try.

Taking care of the smallest details in my life DID have an impact on EVERYTHING.

Awareness is key and you can now start spying on yourself and make the simple changes that will quickly add up to creating your new lifestyle and increasing your income.⠀




Need some support and guidance in creating a lifestyle and business that uniquely reflects you? It is small shifts and actions we make that make a big difference. I'd love to chat with you on a FREE Aloha Strategy Session. Book your FREE session today!

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