[VIDEO] The All-New Erica Duran Show!

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If you haven't heard yet - we've started an all-new podcast!

(Java yawned through my entire video announcement.  😕🐶)

Welcome back to the Erica Duran Show after a year hiatus! 


Click Here To Listen To Episode 1

In this first episode, we are going to cover a lot!

1.  If you are new to me or just need a refresher.

I'll share my bio briefly and why I don't do internet marketing like everyone else.

No rules!


2.  I don't know what this show will evolve into and what the topics will be moving forward, but to start...

Audio Vlog

How To's







and of course - Alignment and Mindset - the foundation of everything!

What do you want to hear on the podcast or see on video?

You can send a voice mail right from the show page on Anchor.FM

>>>>> Get Featured On The Show - Send Me A Voicemail Or Question <<<<<

 This podcast will be on over 12 platforms from iTunes to Spotify - so hopefully we'll be where you like to listen to podcasts.


3.   What has been going on over the past year?

Over 2-Year Estate Case

Relationship and Family Situations

Moving all websites, landing pages, membership sites, blogs, etc. to Simplero.  Seriously, it was like a cleanse.

I traveled to Hawaii a few times.

Airbnb in northern AZ and now in North Scottsdale

Lots of outdoor and pool time

Lots of Game of Thrones 🐉👑

Revamped every single program and offering

Re-filmed all workshops

Restructured content and frequency


* Now, I'm ready to jump back on the mic and share from a whole new perspective with what I've learned over this past year (and how I'm able to burn my to-do list)! * (Dracarys! 🔥🐉🐉🐉)


And Against My Better Judgement... 😊

I opened a Facebook Group to complement this new show.

I've had Facebook Groups in the past, and they take a lot of care... like a new puppy.🐶

I resisted starting another Facebook group for months, even going against what my Facebook Ads expert suggested - but now it feels in alignment to have one for the listeners of this new show.

So I hope you'll join me there

>>>>> Join The New Facebook Group <<<<<




Archive Podcast Feed Is Up!

If you are feeling nostalgic, all the old episodes PLUS my interview series is on a new Archive Feed.


Last summer we did a few episodes and some of those will be on this new feed, not the archive feed.

We are happy to AMAZING New Sponsors!

Coconut Beach Marriott

Newly remodeled EVERYTHING!



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Being on Wordpress, with all the security breaches and hackers these days is sort of like still being on Myspace. 😱

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and more!


Never Settle!


Erica Duran, Java, and Vienna

Erica Duran
International Business Coach & Lifestyle Mentor
🦋 Erica Duran International | 🦜 Enchanted Tiki Travel | 🔍 Googlebait
📱 844-4-ALOHA-4
🏰 52 Riley Road, Suite 317, Celebration, FL 34747
💌  erica@ericaduran.co


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