A Word On “Cocooning”

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Sharing a word on "cocooning" - right before you have a big up-level in your business, you may experience this phenomenon.

I’ve noticed something that happens right before there is a big change, an influx of new clients, or a big leap, or stretch about to happen in my life or business.

Of course, I thought I was the only one experiencing this, but when I asked some colleagues, they said it happened to them as well.

I wanted to share it here because it can be a surprise when it comes on, and it can be frustrating if you don’t know how to spot it, or what to do when it happens.

I’m going to call this circumstance “cocooning”.🐛🦋⠀

Yes, like the caterpillar transforming into a butterfly.

It seems each time right before (or immediately after) a big leap or shift there will be a real “quiet” time.

Clients stop coming in.

No interview requests.

You don’t feel motivated to do anything.

You don’t feel like connecting on social media and are withdrawn from real-life family and friends.

It starts to stress you out because you know you are not lazy, but why can’t you seem to get it together and work as you normally do?

You start to wonder if you will ever get your motivation and productive habits back.

This is cocooning.

I’m not telling you this to scare you, but so you can be aware and recognize it when it is happening to you or coming on in your life, and take care of yourself.

Don’t freak out and think you are going to have to shut down your business.

It is just temporary.

Practice more self-care.

Get out of town and into new scenery.

Give yourself more time and space to complete things.

Reflect and plan more than all the “doing” you are probably used to.

Don’t feel obligated to show up to things that don’t feel right.

Just in general be nice to yourself.

This is the calm before the storm of something really good and big happening.

P.S.  This is one of the big reasons I have a butterfly in my logo. 😊🦋


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