Mostly What I Do Is Take Things Off Your To-Do List

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As A Coach, Mostly What I Do Is Take Things Off Your To-Do List.

My job as a coach is not giving you a bunch of things to do (modules, checklists, packets, etc.)

Mostly what I do is take things AWAY!

The busywork.

The things that are not you.

The "it-has-to-be-done-this-way-internet-marketing-lies".

The things you are doing just because you heard them on a podcast or video and think you "should” do them.

The things you don't like doing.

The tasks that should be outsourced.

The "success" morning routine that seems more like just another checklist to tick things off on.⠀

Get rid of all these "shoulds", "have to's", "but-they-are-doing-it-things-so-I-should-too" things and only then will you attract your TRUE ideal dream clients.⠀

Clients don't want to work with you when you are flustered, overwhelmed, busy, burnt out, etc.

Embody the feeling that your ideal clients want to feel and the type of client you are attracting will change.

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The sooner you get started the sooner your business will start to reflect your positive changes.



People are already looking for the problem you solve on Google and are willing to pay to solve their problem.⠀

It helps to outsource some of your hustle to Google's free organic search.

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Never Settle!


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