They Thought They Were Lazy, But It Was Fear

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One of the real reasons that I released Googlebait SEO Pages and LeadBait to the public was because of a few fearful "problem" clients I had a few years ago.

They had a gift that they could serve the world with, but they were deathly afraid to "put themselves out there."

Sometimes they thought they were lazy because they were procrastinating on their marketing and revenue-generating activities all the time.

Each week they would come to their phone session with all the "life got in the way" excuses, or blaming technology, or just calling themselves out that they needed a break that week just to "veg".

But I KNEW they weren't lazy.

They were scared.

Scared of being visible.

Scared of failure.

Scared of success.

Scared of running out of money.

Scared of "it never working".

Scared that it wasn't "ready" or "perfect" enough yet.

Scared the pricing wasn't right.

Scared of being pushy and salesy.

Scared of mean comments online.

The list goes on.

Based on their skills and what type of marketing activities they were attracted to we created simple yet effective marketing plans that they could rinse and repeat each month.

VERY focused hustling... but with Aloha of course! 🌺

💻If they liked Facebook Groups, I would tell them EXACTLY how I created $20K weeks from Facebook alone.  How to be helpful and of service to the community but also positioning yourself as the "go-to" expert in the group.  But they never took action.

🎟If they enjoyed speaking, I would tell them EXACTLY how to organize and market an event where they could build their list and get a bunch of clients in one shot.  But they never booked an event space.

☕️If they enjoyed old-fashioned networking events we mapped out EXACTLY the strategy for getting as many meaningful connections in a short time and working those leads.

✍️If they enjoyed writing, I would tell them EXACTLY how to put a content strategy together that was flexible to their creativity, yet structured enough to be consistent and stay top-of-mind with their audience and then repurpose the content all over the web. But after a few weeks, the writing stopped.

🎤If they liked the idea of podcasting, I would tell them EXACTLY how I received cash and resort sponsors for my show and give them the EXACT email templates so they could edit them and send them out immediately. Not one email was sent.

Again, this isn't because they were lazy. It is out of some sort of fear or limiting belief that success isn't for them.

💫But when there is a fear you have TWO choices...💫

1. Ask if the fear is true. Most fears we have in our heads are not even real or true.🤥

2. If the fear is indeed true, ask if the fear is worth holding back from you having your dream lifestyle and income and move forward with the action despite your fears.

🏝 BUT... I still needed a lead-generating vehicle to automate the hustle for them so they could get over that part of the initial action taking, have leads coming in so all they had to do was convert them into sales.

✨When you have leads coming in, your confidence and energy increases and sales are a whole lot easier to close, am I right?✨

So by taking that first step - lead generation out of their hands, they could get some traction and start making some money.

Then their business just grew from there.

Now we are offering this strategy to the public though Googlebait, a full-service proprietary new way of doing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and all things about getting magically found on Google and receiving more leads.

Take the first step...

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