Your Prices Are Not Too High! 7 Reasons Why Your Stuff Isn't Selling

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If things are not selling in your business do not think that it is because the price is too high.

Price has VERY little factor in the buying decision.

Buying decisions are based on emotion - how will this purchase make you feel?

🔥Emotion is why we buy the red sports car - to feel powerful.
🔥Emotion is why we buy coaching - to feel inspired and stop second-guessing.
🔥Emotion is why we buy designer clothing - to feel confident.

Here are a few reasons why your programs/products/services are not selling...

1.  You are not aligned with the energy of what you are selling - you must be completely infatuated with what you are offering for sale.

2.  There is some fear if you sold a ton - fear of having to do all that work, fear that you don't really know what you are doing, etc.

3.  You need some training on how to market and sell.

4.  You are not aligned with your ideal client - perhaps you are modeling someone else too closely and attracting their clients that are not the right fit for you.

5.  You are pricing TOO LOW and it isn't enough to excite you to get out there and market it or do the work once it sells.

6.  You are not packaging up your offer in a way that is interesting to your ideal client.

7.  You are selling features and not results.

❓Do any of these reasons sound true for you?


If you need help with pricing, sales, marketing, website traffic, SEO, mindset, getting into alignment, packaging, etc. don't hesitate to message me.

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