You Need A Commitment Strategy, Not An Exit Strategy

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You need a commitment strategy, not an exit strategy.

In most traditional entrepreneurial circles there is talk of an eventual exit strategy.

But I most often help new entrepreneurs with their commitment strategy.

It is a DAILY practice to stay in alignment enough to do the scary out-of-comfort-zone actions you must go through to become a successful entrepreneur.

There is no other option for you - if you are an entrepreneur at your core.

This IS going to work - even if you pivot along the way.

There isn't a cozy job to crawl back to.

There is NO plan b.

✨Make this easier on yourself by dropping the "What if" and the "But Hows" and surrender that your success is already DONE.✨

How would you be acting right now if you already had the level of success you desired?

What would you be doing?

Where would you be living?

Who would you be with?

What decisions would you make on _____?

Would you share your message today or let it slip to tomorrow?

What would you be launching?

How would you be launching it?

What would you be wearing?

What is your team like?


Making decisions and taking actions from a space of "It is already done" will change your energy around the situation and magically things will start all coming together.

You don't commit after you make it.

You make it BECAUSE you committed.



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