The End Of Your To-Do List

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Many of my new subscribers don't know that for years I was a Certified Professional Organizer and Productivity Expert.

I would teach people how to get organized according to their personality and teach them how to use elaborate day planer systems.

Heck! I even designed and sold my own day planner line.

So for me to say "The end of your to-do list", is a bit out of character, right?

Well, no.

Back then and even more so now - it was NEVER about the to-do list.

It was about having systems so you could stress less and get the goals that you wanted to accomplish in life completed.

It was about overcoming procrastination.

It was about eliminating busy work and "shoulds" and "have to's".

It was about structure giving you FREEDOM!

I want the same today with my clients... but on a whole new level.

I don't want them using a helpful tool like a to-do list as evidence that they are losers or "just not cut out for entrepreneurship".

I don't want them using a to-do list as another way to beat themselves up when not everything is completed.

I want them to get inspired and come into alignment with their goals on a daily basis and then work from that place so there is never any hemming, hawing, or procrastination.

✨How would it feel going through your day one impactful/meaningful activity after the next in complete ease and flow?

✨How would it feel to never spend another moment writing out your to-do list each day?

✨How would it feel to never have to re-write your to-do list because it was "messy" or because you had to forward things you didn't complete?

✨How would it feel to STOP constantly re-reading your to-do list over and over all day long looking for the next easiest or quickest task to tackle and just dive into an activity that you enjoy, that would make time fly by, help and support others, and your bank account grow?

I've been practicing a new way of working for about 2 years now and I'm ready to share it with you in my newly updated program Alignment With Aloha.


Never Settle!


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