You Didn't Become An Entrepreneur So You Could Stalk Other Entrepreneurs and Download Their Free PDFs All Day, Did You?

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You Didn't Become An Entrepreneur So You Could Stalk Other Entrepreneurs and Download Their Free PDFs All Day... Did You?

Don't get me wrong.

I think it is great to find someone a few steps ahead of you and follow them to be inspired.

Download all their free things, soak up their energy, follow them on all their social media channels.

But only one or two people at a time.

Make sure they are someone that you'd want to trade lifestyles with.

There are far too many entrepreneurs spending all day CONSUMING and not CREATING!

When I put together a free resource I make sure that it is something that has valuable and actionable information in it to give you a quick win.

However, many other entrepreneurs are not going to tell you the "how" in their free offerings and PDF downloads.

So if you think about it you are spending a lot of time downloading and reading things that won't tell you the "how" in the end.

When you follow too many people online you start to model them too closely.

You start sounding like them.

You start marketing, selling, and creating content just like they do.

This is the FASTEST way to attract "problem" clients.

This is the FASTEST way to burn out.

If you are sounding like someone else you are going to attract the wrong people to you.

Reverse engineering what other people are doing instead of just creating from your soul will kill your flow and ease in your business.

Create more than you consume.


But if you still want to get some free PDF's I have two for you with real actionable info inside + webinars to go even deeper...

🌋"10 Secrets to Snagging High-Paying Clients"

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🌋"30 Point Game-Changing SEO Checklist"

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🌋 "Evolve. Forget All The Complicated Internet Marketing "Rules"! Get Found On Google. Come Into Alignment, Share Your Core Message, & Make Money."

Download The Free Shift Guidebook and Video Training


Never Settle!


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