Clearing and Completion

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Today I'm sharing on my process of clearing and completion.

A big part of success is learning and implementing new things.

However, what usually happens when we start a new program or go to a seminar and learn a bunch of new things is that we then have to implement them, yet we don’t because our schedules are already packed.

There is no room for the new to come in.

There is no room to integrate.

Rather than stuffing a bunch of NEW information into your life, let’s go through all the aspects and take some time for clearing and completion.

Tying up all the loose ends - just like that day before vacation when you have loads of things to tie up and it all just gets completed in time and you still have tons of energy.

This is a big part of the beginning of my new "Evolve" program.

This is an excellent way to take care of yourself and get those proverbial “ducks in a row”.

This is exactly how you start preparing yourself and “being” the person you’d like to become.

Remember that cliche’ - “Success is not what you are doing but who you are being”?

People like to throw that saying around a lot but they don’t ever tell you what the "being" entails necessarily.

I know much of it is a mindset, but for me, I had to take that saying and make it into things I could DO out of it for it to make sense to me.

This process we go through of “Clearing and Completion” is how you start to feel put together and ready for anything and as well as upgrading different areas of your life.

But I tell my clients to make this unique to them!

These are just some ideas to get them going.

I encourage them to add their own and discern what applies to their situation, desires, and goals!

This process is how you have the time and space to RECEIVE the new information and really make the changes necessary so you can start CREATING from this place.

It is time to stop feeling like you are “crazy busy”, "falling behind", and like you’ll "never get it all done".

Cleaning up these energy leaks is both a form of self-care and a HUGE confidence builder.

That confidence is what radiates out and makes your message MAGNETIC to your ideal clients.

Where will you start your Clearing and Completion process?

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