Create More Than You Consume

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I invite you to create more than you consume.

When we are just starting out we tend to look to others that have done what we desire to do for guidance and inspiration.

Once you get in that "I have to learn everything on the internet before I start creating-doing-taking action mode" it is hard to get out.

It is completely addicting because you feel like you are learning so much and getting so much done - but really you are just downloading a bunch of free PDFs and filling out workbooks.

It is hard to stop following others for fear of missing out (FOMO).

But there comes a time when you have to shut everything off and unsubscribe from it all (except for maybe 1-2 people that really fire you up) 🌋

Honestly, how many hours a day are you following and how many hours a day are you creating?⠀
No really - keep track for one week.


Shut it off now before you start sounding like them.

When you sound like them, you attract THEIR clients and you will be miserable with a bunch of "problem" clients.

Creating massive amounts of content is so EASY.

Shut everything off and listen to what comes THROUGH you.

Document rather than force yourself to think up something "right" to say so that they will buy from you. That never works.

It is all ENERGY. ✨

When you use someone else's words it is THEIR energy and it isn't a match. You won't attract anything to you.

I know.

Years and years ago I used to try to reverse engineer everything that successful people were creating.

This is a frustration way to work and a disaster waiting to happen.

I never received massive results or massive amounts of income until I had a mentor that helped me uncover my own voice and way of doing things. ☕️🌺🏖🐶🐶🥂🌴🏝


Hit reply if you are ready to let go of the "I need to know everything first" excuse, get started on your detox plan from over-consuming, and finally get the lifestyle and income you deserve. We'll set up a free Aloha strategy session to start.


Never Settle!


Erica Duran, Java, and Vienna

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