This Might Surprise You

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This might surprise you...

I used to think that the less I charged for my services the more people I could serve.

What might surprise you is that it takes the SAME amount of effort to sell a $97 offering as one for $997.

🔥Clients don’t flock to you just because you have low prices. 🔥

From personal experience, I’ve noticed the opposite to be true.

The less I charge for a service, the less the client values it & the fewer results they get. 

So you see entrepreneurs moving towards offering premium packages to get out of the "dollars for hours" mode.

The BIGGEST mistake service-based entrepreneurs make when putting together their premium packages is that they simply bundle up a bunch of sessions/hours & then give a discount on that & call it a package.

Hello! That is MORE HOURS for FEWER Dollars!

Here’s the other piece I hadn’t realized at that point, as women we actually THRIVE when we charge premium rates because it’s in our innate nature to be givers.

We want to give our services away because we want to make a difference in the world.

But can’t make a big impact in the world when we’re having trouble even paying our rent.

I can say that because I’ve been there!

When I was struggling to pay my bills I didn’t have enough energy or resources to give back in the way I really wanted to.

Charging the higher rates you deserve doesn’t make you all about the money.

Quite the opposite, when you’re provided for you can start to do the things that matter to women like us such as:
*Give back to our communities + start charities
*Practice self-care & raise the vibration
*Celebrate beauty
*Support others financially by hiring support for your business & home 

The more I owned my value & expertise, the more my clients valued the work we were doing & the more results they achieved!

You see, creating packages & charging premium rates isn’t just about you, it’s as much about SERVING your client.

Working in this way is a win-win scenario!

That’s why I want to personally show you how to package & deliver your services & expertise as high-end offerings in my all-new 1:1 program - Evolve.


 Save Your Spot - Shift and Evolve Free Guide and Video Training

Never Settle!


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