You Are Strong Enough To Be Around Anyone

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You Are Strong Enough To Be Around Anyone!

This was a recent What's App message to a private client and I thought it could help you too...

I totally understand the difficulty of being around people that just don’t “get it” and are not entrepreneurs.

People that have scarcity mindsets, habits, were raised differently, etc.

But what I find to be EXTREMELY freeing is to let everyone complain around me and I am totally OK.

They can say whatever they want and deep down I’m fine.

I am strong enough to be around ANYONE and just say...

“Of course they are _____ (saying/doing/being/thinking/etc.). 
That is who they are. 
It doesn’t define me or my thinking or my actions or my income."

When you start stepping up and acting in your truth those "problem people" will either change or show themselves out.

You don't have to do anything.

You don't have to have an awkward conversation.

They will change or choose to leave.

You don't have to cocoon yourself or avoid social/family functions as an entrepreneur.

You don't have to formally cut people out of your life or decide who you are going to be around so you can protect your fragile mindset so you can keep going for what you really want. 

I know you are stronger than that. 😉


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