Stop Ladder Climbing and Start Leaping!

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Here is what I'm finding as I'm stepping into higher income months with the new programs and income streams...

When you go for a smaller goal just because you think you have to do things "in order" and not from your TRUE desire/identity you won't hit the small goal OR the large one.⠀

There is no income "ladder" in entrepreneurship.⠀

You don't have to wait for a promotion.⠀

When you go for a smaller goal that isn't a true desire for you - work will feel exhausting, you will attract problem clients, and this misery will spill over to your personal life.⠀

When you are lit up about your true desire everything seems easy, there is plenty of time for everything to get done, and you attract DREAM clients with your energy without hustle.⠀

You really want to create $20K this month but you are going for $5K because you've never hit either and you think you have to hit $5K first.

This is NOT true.⠀

Stop ladder climbing and start LEAPING!⠀


Want to put a DAILY practice and strategy in place to uncover your true desires/goals and ACTUALLY HIT THEM?

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