I Am My Niche.

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I am my niche.

Instead of "niching down till it hurts" and putting some complicated strategy together, why not just be your own niche.

In being your own niche there is no guessing (or second-guessing).

This is a much easier way to work.

I see far too many entrepreneurs delaying their success for months trying to make up a fictional ideal client/target market avatar.

They say things like, "I'm not quite clear enough on who my ideal client is just yet, I guess I've gotta do more market research."

I see a lot of entrepreneurs constantly delaying declaring their niche for fear of cutting a market segment out and leaving money on the table.

There is no money left on the table if you never sell anything, right?

Instead of all this research and trying to figure out the "right way", take a moment and decide what you really stand for and against.

Share these messages and the right ideal clients COME TO YOU!

You'll never have to "weed out" problem clients - they will take themselves out.

You'll never have to sell, your ideal clients will sell themselves before you ever get on the phone with them.

You'll never have to come up with some complicated strategy, just share your messages daily.



We are continuing real conversations like this and new ways to shift your thinking about how you work and define the rules in your business and lifestyle in my podcast, come join us!  You can even send me a voicemail if you have a question or topic you'd like me to discuss.

Never Settle!


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