When I Work With A New Client, The First Three To Four Weeks Are Pretty "Messy"

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When I work with a new client, the first three to four weeks are pretty "messy".

Many of them have been stressed, overwhelmed, and overworked and have forgotten how to dream.

They have forgotten how to have FUN.

They don't allow any joy in their life out of fear that everything will fall apart if they take their foot off the gas.

They fill every second of their day with busy work.

They don't know even what they want because it has been so long since they took the time to think about what they really deeply desire.

I work with them to uncover their true desires for their ideal lifestyle and business that is unique to them through several discussions and exercises.

Then somewhere around week four and week six of us working together, it all starts to come together!

I know exactly the moment when we are on the right track.

They start describing their dream lifestyle and business and they say something like, "Can I really do that?"

What surprises me though is that it is usually something that thousands of other people are already doing the world.

Why don't they think they can do it too?

They see others living a certain lifestyle that appeals to them.

They see others with a business model that they love.

Why do they think that this type of life and work isn't available to them?

Ladies, you have to stop making yourself so special!

If you follow the steps to building your ideal lifestyle and business in the right order you can claim whatever you want for yourself.

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